Like most of the country, my husband and I did not think much about our daily food choices. Processed meats here, GMO tortillas there. We were young and healthy, no real need to be concerned with what we ate. However, all that changed after the birth of our beautiful little girl, Gianna. Four months after her birth I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. Doctors prescribed a very strict diet. I quickly discovered that nearly everything on the market had additives, chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavorings, and a host of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce (butylated hydrozyttoluene, anyone?). These exist mostly for the purpose of preserving shelf life, but I absolutely cannot consume them with my autoimmune diseases.

After existing primarily on lettuce wraps and organic chicken for months I began to miss chocolate, cheese, bagels, coffee, and especially my morning cereal! Seeing my husband bring home pizzas didn’t help. There had to be a way to enjoy food without compromising your health or spending a fortune. I went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, to help people improve their eating and ultimately their lives. I created a recipe for a bread alternative, granola for my cereal, even ice cream, waffles, sauce, and cookies. My products are all top 8 allergen free and non-GMO. Vegan? Paleo? AIP?  You can eat them all! And my husband the pizza lover? He can’t get enough. Welcome to the world of delicious bread and grain alternatives, welcome to my Crunchy Kitchen.